At Seamless Planet we’re in the business of connecting travelers
to the best experiences around the world.

Text a Concierge Service

Whether you’re an airline, hotel, or travel agency who wants to stay in touch with their clients when they’re in-destination, or want to provide the best personalized service to their customers, Seamless Planet can help.

Our mobile AI-assisted travel concierge service is easily reachable over SMS, Facebook Messenger or online web chat. Provide on-the-go recommendations to travelers who need a little inspiration on their trip.

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White-Labeled Tours & Activities Shop

We’ll create a customized online shop for your company, filled with curated tours and activities from around the globe. Quickly and easily provide a URL to your customers, and when they’re ready to book a tour while they’re on their vacation, it’s a simple process to review recommended activities, and book while they’re on the go.

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